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La Tigre e La Luna

Rocco Petrone has humble origins: his parents, Lucani immigrants, seek their fortune in the land of opportunities, America. Lady luck, however, arrives too late and his father dies young in an accident. Rocco's mother decides to remain in the United States: her children will be Americans. This is how Rocco, with a keen intelligence and a remarkable athleticism, has the possibility to enter West Point. And after a master's degree in engineering at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) his military career takes wings. The American dream his parents had for him comes true. But Rocco Petrone is destined to realise another dream, much bigger: he is not aware of it yet but the moon has chosen him... This very man, who never leaves space to imagination, so unyielding, so shy and serious, will be the protagonist of one of the most sensational events of the twentieth century: sending a man to the moon. Against the backdrop of the Cold War and its countless battles, the events and life of Rocco Petrone, director of the Apollo operations, interweave. The shy man, who turns out to be made of steel, inflexible, relentless, up to the point of being named the "tiger of Cape Canaveral", knows that this is his appointment with history, his mission, what his superiors expect from him, and he cannot fail... It is the dawn of a new moon.

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