Renato Cantore was born in Potenza on the 18th of February 1952. He graduated “summa cum laude” in Philosophy from the University ‘Federico II’ of Naples.

He started writing texts for radio and tv programs before passing the national exam to become journalist at RAI (the Italian public TV broadcast) in 1979 when he is appointed in the local RAI office of Basilicata. Over the years he has made various collaborations with national programs. In particular, in 1984 he participated to the test launch of the first version of ‘Televideo’ (italian for Teletext) and in 1985 he worked in the RAI offices in Rome and Milan collaborating to the program ‘Linea Diretta’ with Enzo Biagi.

In 1999 he has been promoted as Head of the Basilicata’s office of RAI. He will be running the office in Potenza for 10 years. During those years the television news of Basilicata reached important results in terms of audience (in 2009 the average share of the news of 2PM was above 50%). In 2004 the television news of Basilicata won two international prices: the ‘Eco’ price from the international ecological press in Ohrid, Macedonia and the ‘Green vision’ price in San Petersburg, Russia.

In 2010, for six months, he was in charge of the television news of Puglia. In August of the same here he was put in charge of the production of all the regional television news regarding the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification. From 2012 he was in charge of the news for the Italian regional communities abroad. Since July 2015 he is Deputy Editor of the TGR, the regional news network of RAI tv.

He has always been very active in the journalist union he has been the founder and president of the ‘Associazione della Stampa della Basilicata’ and member of the national committee of the Italian national press federation for 10 years.

He has published three books:

Lucani altrove, un popolo con la valigia, Memori, Roma 2007 (Pemio Basilicata)

La tigre e la luna. Rocco Petrone, storia di un italiano che non voleva passare alla storia, Rai Eri, Roma 2009

Il castello sull’Hudson, Charles Paterno e il sogno americano, Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli 2012.